Hi, I’m Danielle, a trainee journalist studying at Bournemouth University. I have recently launched this blog as an area to showcase my work and connect with any potential readers.

I’m a self-confessed fitness fanatic with a keen desire to get out and explore the world with any spare pennies I may have. Although I must admit, the lack of student loan is not doing me any favors. I’m also an eager runner and am currently training to run my first half marathon for the WWF this summer, as I’m also passionate about nature and conservation.

Anyhoo, back to the blog and much of this content is based on lifestyle, because hey,  what’s better than writing about your passions? I also have links to my Twitter and Instagram accounts, just in case on the off chance, you find my work interesting and fancy following me.

So far, through various projects, I’ve been fortunate enough to interview Britain’s Got Talent Star Mahny Djahanguiri, whose known for being the founder of Doga (yoga involving your dog) as well as published authors and specialists, all of which feature in my work.

As a budding feature writer (it needs work I know!) and lifestyle blogger, I hope my readers will find my work interesting and will follow my journey as I attempt to uncover my writing personality.

Kindest Regards,

Danielle x