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Health Hub Bournemouth Helps Out

Health Hub Bournemouth are launching fresh fruit and veg boxes available for home delivery.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic supermarkets have been left with aisles of empty shelves.


Food shops have becoming increasingly difficult due to government enforced guidelines, protecting people from Corona virus.


Founder of Health Hub, Robyn EedeĀ  said “we have noticed that all the main delivery services are fully overwhelmed so we have stepped in to help meet the demands”.

“We hope that by supplying fruit and veg for delivery we can help prevent people from going to the shops to keep them safe and to prevent unnecessary trips”

and adds “to make sure people are getting their 5-a-day during this time and not going without, resorting to cupboard foods.”

Health Hub have been prepping and putting plans in face for the past week, ensuring everything is ready for Friday’s launch.

They are offering 100 boxes that can be delivered in the Bournemouth area.

Mainstream Supermarkets have now also implemented stricter rules in store to ensure social distancing, staff and customer’s safety.

Waitrose in Bournemouth is now limiting the number of customers in store at a time.

George Baiden, Waitrose staff member, stated “employees are being provided with protective gloves” and adds ” customers are restricted to buying fixed amounts of individual items.”

Protective shields on checkouts have now been introduced primarily for customer and cashier interaction.

Waitrose are also dedicating the first opening hour to the elderly and vulnerable.

To find out more about Health Hub Bournemouth at their website

To find out more on Government guidelines on how to stay safe during the pandemic please read more at

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