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Coronavirus: Bournemouth Gym forces hand sanitization upon entry amidst pandemic.

Gyms are now being considered a high-risk area for the spread of the coronavirus.

Bournemouth Better Gym members are being denied entry unless they are visibly seen to “wash their hands or use the sanitizer provided”.

This follows the Sunday/ Monday morning announcement of the forced closure of The Gym Group, Poole due to a confirmed case of the highly contagious COVID 19.

Alex Jewer, Manager of Better Gym Bournemouth has said “signs instructing members to wash their hands are at the entrance of the gym and changing rooms.”

He adds “there has been a drop in the number of gym members since the announcement of the Bournemouth University and Poole Gym closure COVID cases”.

Mr. Jewer says “the signs initially created confusion” as members were asking if they meant that the virus was present at the gym and infecting gym goers, which it is not.

Better Gym has stepped up its efforts to fight against the virus. Alex adds

“we are deep cleaning the gym once a week on top of our usual cleaning.”

The gym staff have also stopped shaking hands with members to avoid the virus, and are following government guidelines to remain safe.

“More sophisticated sanitation products are also on the way to the gym” Mr Jewer comments.

James Sylvester, a member of Better Gym has said he is “concerned gyms will become a breeding ground for the virus” and adds “it has stopped me from going as much, if not at all, during this time.”

Mr Sylvester says “it is a scary time” and comments he has “resorted to carrying my own anti-bacterial wipes to clean all pieces of equipment or anything I need to touch.”

“I’m not the only person doing this, everyone seems paranoid at the moment because of the virus.”

Head of public Health Dorset, Sam Crowe says “the risk to the general public remains low” he adds “we are working with our NHS colleagues to do everything we can to stop the virus spreading and make sure the people of Dorset are protected as much as possible

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