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Summer Jobs

How to get the ultimate summer job

One of the perks of coming of age (16), is being able to earn money for yourself and not be reliant on mummy or daddy to pay for everything.

There are two peak times in a year where it is made easy for us students to get a job. One of those times is Christmas, where for obvious reasons store need more help and assistance. The second time is summer. Now summer jobs are slightly different to the Christmas period jobs. The duration of the contracts for Christmas usually last just over a month starting from November to just after a New Years, summer jobs can potentially start from May through to September, when university students leave or when current employees start taking time off for holidays. Also, a summer job is more likely to result in a more permanent position within the company.

Oxford Street/Regent Street is always hiring for the summer season without fail. Busking can be classed as a job too.

Rebecca Carpenter (head recruiter and trainer for Hamleys Regent Street), discussed her stores process for hiring new summer temps. ‘We accept CV’s online and when they are physically handed into the store, we don’t have any specific requirements, we just look for potential in each candidate that suits the needs of the store’.

Now each store is different and expects various things but they all initially need to know a few compulsory details. Firstly, your schedule and availability, ‘when we give candidates an initial phone interview one of our first questions is there availability and if they have any holiday time’. This question is a mini test and needs to be answered confidently. So, before you apply for any jobs, know the dates of any holidays that you’ll be taking and how many hours you’re willing to work. ‘We look for individuals that are eager, ready and happy to work, by them being able to tell us their availability without hesitation shows us that and also shows organization skills’.

The Flagship Hamleys shop. With 7 floors of fun and games for all ages. They attract over 1million customers every year.

Secondly, they ask the question ‘why do you want to work for us?’ or ‘what makes you think that you’ll be a good fit for this job?’. The employer is looking for certain key words and phrases that adds an extra tick to your name. Phrases such as ‘quick learner, team player, easy to teach’. These terms make you seem more efficient and prepared.
Lastly, they’ll ask a question about the company itself, Rebecca says ‘it’s always good when a candidate knows facts and stats about the company, as it shows that they have taken time out to research and learn something new, as well as showing how serious they are about getting the job’.

Now when it comes to the actual sit-down interview, we’ve all been told that people will judge you by your appearance during the first 20 seconds of meeting you. With interviews, it’s even more crucial that you dress appropriately, depending on where you apply depends on the appropriate outfit. ‘Hamleys’ is a quite a casual, fun shop, so smart casual attire would be perfect. Girls a cute shirt with black jeans and smart shoes/all black trainers, for the guys the same really.’ However, for more formal jobs like an office temp or in stores like Harrods, smart formal wear like a suit is more appropriate.

During the interview itself, make sure that you’re not chewing gum or fiddling with your fingers as it makes you seem uninterested and distant, give the interviewer your full attention. When asked a question take a second to breathe and think about your response, so you can answer with confusing or mistakes. Nerves are a natural emotion especially if it’s your first interview. But as cliché as it is… be yourself and be prepared and you’ll do fine, like most things it takes practice and a few attempts.

Some of Hamleys Summer Temps!



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