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Generation YouTube

The new surge in Youtubers and Vlogger has created Generation YouTube… Over the past few years the website has taken social media and video uploads to a whole other level, making it one of the most popular online media sites. Some say that YouTube allows for a type of artistic expression through uploading videos. The content of the videos varies from gaming, vlogging, music or films and everything in-between. Being a “YouTuber” is now becoming an official profession.

Arguably YouTube is now more popular than ever do to the fact that is FREE! In a world where most entertainment platforms have a price, like Netflix or Amazon Prime, there is no subscription fee for YouTube.
A few years ago, it wasn’t that common or mainstream to have a large British Vlogging or YouTuber community, it was mostly in The United States. But like most things the trend caught on in the UK and became a huge success, opening a new path for people to express themselves or as a way of escapism.

The concept of Vlogging has also become popular and a basic need for anyone trying to become a famous “YouTuber”. The idea of a vlog is to have someone it in front of the camera and record themselves discussing their day or life situations. The video is often taken in the vloggers bedroom, a feature which is seen in many YouTubers vlogs. This setting give allows for the audience to feel more connected and closer to the vloggers. It creates a form of intimacy, that the viewer/audience appreciates.

Famous YouTuber KSI admits that “A lot of people believe that YouTube success comes overnight and is the easiest thing in the world, when it takes hard work and persistence”.
The 23-year-old rapper/vlogger/gamer has been doing this for six years. “the first couple of years were the hardest in my life. A few times I wanted to quit and give up, but it’s the consistency that makes it work and helps create your fan base. I’ve work hard every day to stay relevant and expand my brand”.

Unlike your typical/ traditional Hollywood celebrities, vloggers open up their homes and lives to their viewers, which is a lot more identifiable. They even show their family members, whether through pranks or discussions, again making them seem like everyday people and more realistic. You’ll rarely hear a vlogger refer to their subscribers as ‘fans’, most of them use the term ‘friends’ or start their vlogs with ‘hey guys, how you are doing?’. As Simon Cowell would say “this adds to the likability factor”.

CheekyLadNextDoor also known as Reuben, started his YouTube Channel early 2016, doing vlogs about his experience in university and his do’s and don’ts. His first video initially got 357 views, but now on average his videos get 9,000 views, with 20,000 subscribers. He is well known for his ‘Drunk Students Trick Questions’. In which he got over 1 million views on Facebook.

“Most of my family have a YouTube account and are vloggers, so it was kind of forced on me” Reuben laughed. He admits “having time to juggle vlogging and the editing of it against university obligations can sometimes be challenging, but its worth it in the end when I get positive comments and feedback”.
All in all, YouTube has become a popular way to express yourself. It could be through watching the content or creating the actual content. YouTube arguably brings you the viewer closer to your interests, and people who are interested in the same things as you. It helps to give you a creative outlet in something that you are passionate about. Whether it be drawing, films, fashion, sports or gaming. YouTube has something for everyone and Generation YouTube is taking over.

Anna-Liza xoxo

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