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Boobs. Knockers. Tits. Hooters. Headlights. Put them in a holster, hold them back with tiny hooks, don’t care if it doesn’t fit correctly, wear it for 10 hours and put on a cute shirt. The buttons have popped and cleavage is showing. What a sexual indecency.

In school, we learn that what defines a woman and a man apart is their reproductive organs. Women’s milk glands enlarge and store fat around the chest; they’re natural and they give us nutrition at birth. Breasts. Yet, women are taught to cover themselves for the comfort of others.

Model sporting Kate Gallagher’s design from her collection Hallow.

In this years London fall/winter Fashion week, highlighted the attitudes that designers wanted to bring to light in 2017. What stuck out most on the cat walk this year was what wasn’t worn.

Fashion designer, Kate Gallagher, had models strut down the runway in her signature style to showoff the “strong powerful woman” in her Hallow collection. She had gained inspiration from men’s military apparel in combination with tulle and lace to soften the look. To keep the appearance strong she threw away the one thing that could hold a woman back. The bra.

Designer Adam Selman, known to create designs for celebrities like Rhianna, had showcased his message “equality for all” by sending his models off in clear plastic tops for both female and male models.

Conservative individuals may find that going topless should not be practiced at all. Out of respect for everyone else and themselves, woman’s breasts should be hidden. It’s understood that women’s bodies may hold more erotic features but men have the appealing assets too. So why don’t men cover their bodies?

Actress Emma Watson was put on the spot after posing for Vanity Fair exposing only the curve of her breast. As an internationally known actress and UN representative for gender equality; the photo was criticised for not representing feminists properly. Her response along with other supporting figures like Gloria Steinem was: “they don’t know what being a feminist is all about…its about choice”.


In Europe, women go topless on the beach like it’s nothing. That’s because it is. Women aren’t flaunting or going topless with the intention of getting attention or in the name of persuasion. They’re topless for the same reason men are; they have the choice to do so. In the US, the city of Fort Collins, Colorado had submitted  “the Fort Collins ban” which prohibits women from going topless. U.S. district Judge R. Brooke Jackson had blocked the ban in favour of the organisation Free the Nipple. “Thus, it perpetuates a stereotype ingrained in our society that female breasts are primarily objects of sexual desire whereas male breasts are not,” Jackson wrote.

On the same note, breast feeding is seen as an issue in some areas because mothers expose their breasts. Women breast feed openly in Europe because it isn’t seen as sexual or gross like it is in other parts of the world. It is expected to feed a child and that’s what a mother should do for her baby. Since this is the organic view of child development, breast are seen as another part of the body with a higher purpose. While in the states, women are asked to feed their children in bathrooms or cover themselves with blankets. How dare mothers feed their babies.

There are women who have challenged the laws that bind women to their bra and cover ups. On the 26th of August, National topless day, women march together to support top freedom with organizations like Go topless founded by spiritual leader Rael. The organization celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It stands by the idea that “As long as men are allowed to be topless in public, women should have the same constitutional right. Or else, men should have to wear something to hide their chests”.

Allowing women to practice top freedom as men do, could eliminate what society has fed to us. Nipples shouldn’t make other people uncomfortable because everyone has them! Women should be allowed to have the choice to do what they like with their bodies as men do. Equality for all, one boob at a time.

alexisalley Written by:

Journalist studying at Bournemouth University.

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