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A Strobing Survival Guide

By Alex Blundell

It’s a bright new world out there for makeup. First contouring and every complicated blending pattern that came with it. And now this, strobing. Although it’s easier than contouring, there’s still a lot you’ve got to know about it: Which one is best for your skin type? Do you want your cheekbones to be brighter than the sun or just a subtle shine? What is illuminator? Is there a difference between highlighters and strobing powders? Worry not, here is your survival guide with some tips and trick from models and beauty bloggers alike.

Why is this strobe invasion happening?!

Well, highlighting has been around for a while. It was used on stage in theatres so that actors and actress’ facial features could be seen from anywhere in the room. Then came the selfie takeover. Shining cheekbones were all over your Instagram feed, first complimenting contour but now making a look all its own – Strobing.

Beauty blogger Issy Barlow shared her thoughts as to why so many love it.

“It makes day to day makeup like standard brows, foundation and mascara, and makes it seem so much more glamorous.”

The trend is now booming and still growing. The NPD Group said that in the prestige beauty market, the highlighter subsector grew by 48.5% from Jan-Aug 2015 compared to the previos year. With total sales during that time summing up to £8 million, if you’re thinking about getting into the highlighting business – now would be the time!

Sarah Wynne a working model says:

“The industry is loving it right now! Agency clients are really gunning for that dewy fresh glow look that strobing creates.”

Makeup Artist Chloe Waul comments that,

“Although my personal look is a mix of contour and strobe, I still never leave my house without my highlight… and neither should you.”

Cream? Liquid? Powder?

Cream highlighters

The contouring trend last year was huge! It was all about giving your face that chiseled look using shadows and light tones. Cream highlighter it mainly uses for contour, not strobing. Strobing highlighters are more reflective. Cream highlighters are matte – They’re used to lighten under eye circles, the forehead, the bridge of the nose and the chin.

So this product although useful… You don’t need it for strobing.

Liquid highlighters

The subtle strober. Liquid highlighter is still reflective however its less pigmented so it’s not for a bold look. If you’re going for a casual makeup day, this is for you.

Powder Highlighters

The holy grail of Instagram worthy selfie shine. Powder is the most pigmented highlighter and easiest to manipulate.
As Issy says:

“Powders are so much easier to blend out. It’s also easy to build up on a subtle look to make it more striking.”
“Personally I’ve found that cream or liquid highlighters can easily make your base cakey.”



Chloe’s top picks are Revolution’s ‘Vivid Baked Highlighter’ and the ‘Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter’. Both of which are powdered. The vivid baked highlighter is used in the following video.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpUJoPj9j3I&w=560&h=315]

Issy pick is the ‘Solstice palette’ from Sleek. In the video she uses a mix of the colours, she feels a combination compliments fair skin tones.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxxcP9L5QMY&w=560&h=315]

Sarah comes in recommending the Stila Cosmetics ‘Heaven’s Hue Highlighter’ and the ‘Solstice Palette’.